What’s in a word?

Maybe it’s because I’m an English major. Maybe not. Either way, for the last while I’ve been considering the limits of language. Also, how the meaning of words has changed. Or hasn’t changed. On writing this post, I did a Google Image search for ‘word’ – the icon for the word-processing program came up – repeatedly. Surprised? Not much. My non-surprised response in itself says something.

What IS in a word? Even the word, ‘word’ has different meanings, yo. And I’m only just referring to English.

In social media the common developments: to tweet; retweet; post

I noticed words that don’t even exist: retweet; unfriend; facebook/ed (the verb).

According to some religions, at the Tower of Babylon people were struck with different languages to prevent them from working together to finish their building. Apparently, that’s where all our languages come from.

The limits of language, not only academically, allow, or disallow, us to communicate, express, interact in many different ways. When did retweeting something become real? When did it become UNDERSTOOD? What is the movement of language – communication – that allows us to evolve, while remaining the same?

Questions. And perhaps answers. Answers which will probably be more discursive and circular than anything else.