Graduating with Flowers: Google helps.

On the advent of my second undergraduate graduation, I decided to do some research into actualising my dream. Where did I start? Where most graduates do – Google. While I (literally) have a five-year plan in actualising this dream, I figure early preparation wouldn’t hurt anyone.

I have this soft dream that when I am let out for good behaviour from this self-imposed educational sentence, I would like to open up a flower shop overseas. In Europe. In Spain, Barcelona. And here come the expected logistical questions: Why flowers? Where in Barcelona? How will you manage? Is it legal? How will you pay for it? (the last one here is a possible but probable question from my dad). And to each of those I have the ready answer: I have no idea. I have no idea. I have no idea. And probably. (And, Dad – I will make a plan).

When anyone places ‘logistics’ and ‘dream’ in the same sentence, they are asking for a confused response. I don’t have the first clue about flowers – I’m university-pavement special: a compound of advertising, English, Art History and eventual post-graduate education major. Forgive me for not knowing a dichotomous flower (thanks standard five Science) to a rose. Nevertheless, with a proven track-record of excellent choices based on my relentlessly right gut-feeling – this will somehow work out. For the record and for my dad’s health, I am fully aware that I cannot go wallacing into Europe, a foreigner, and open a store, reminiscing about a somewhat favourite scene from Imagine Me & You.

No – I am fully aware of the needed careful financial and legal planning. I am aware I need to research the laws, visas, go on a few business courses – including a course on how to speak Spanish. Forgive me – questioning eyes whom I’m talking to – for now, the idea of actually actualising this dream is enough. I don’t need to be comforted by the graphs and pencil floor-plans that this will actually happen. I can feel it in my abdomen that it will work out.

So for now, as a to-be graduate I am Googling something  along the lines of “Flower Courses Cape Town” or “Flower Arrangement Courses Cape Town”  – so by the time I have the moola, mastered the illusion of confidence and can flaunt the accent, I’m ready. Albeit in only five years. 😉