What exactly is 10 minutes?

My track record when it comes to blogging shows my old inability to meet internal deadlines. This used to be true; it’s what prevented me from achieving many things. However things have changed – big time. Not only have I since been employed, a proud owner of an external hard drive and a new phone, I now fully understand the meaning of ’10 minutes’.

Doing something in 10 minutes is a concept which used to escape me. How, exactly, is 10 minutes worth anything? Doesn’t it require another fifty to become useful? Well, I started working and realised its value.

10 minutes can be revolutionary. I could mark two scripts in that time (while it may not seem much, but when you have 150 scripts to do this is a big help).

So from here out, I pledge, fellow blogsters to return to my virtual duty of blogging. Who reads it? Not my concern. My concern is to make sure I write the damn thing.