#arttourofcapetown – update

Since doing (even more) research into how to experience gallery space, I have a better understanding on how to approach this.

Unfortunately, I was a bit over-eager in my adventure: the presence of exams and academic responsibility has proven to take preference in my head. I have been focusing on studying (the shock!) and less on visiting galleries (the horror!).

That said, post 8 June 2011, I am going to riddle my blog with my visits. Watch this space.


Touring Cape Town’s Art Scene #gallerytourofcapetown

Painting is just another way of keeping a diary.  ~Pablo Picasso

So today is the day that I map out my art gallery tour. I know I haven’t mentioned much about this, but here it is.

I picked up the ART TIMES the other day, and saw this incredible list of art galleries and exhibitions going on around Cape Town. While I am an Art History major, this will not be academic research.

What inspired this idea, is I recalled my visit to the Design Indaba earlier this year…(what a great experience; sometimes I’m convinced I shouldn’t be in Humanities at UCT)… I took my shoes off. At the time, I was studying about gallery space, and the relationship between the viewer, the artwork and the artist. So my senses were heightened. Shoes off, eyes open: I took in a lot.

Nonethess, I am starting to map out my art tour of Cape Town. A few really awesome galleries have responded already, saying it’s alright that I can come play at the exhibitions. Watch this space. I sure am. 🙂