#arttourofcapetown – update

Since doing (even more) research into how to experience gallery space, I have a better understanding on how to approach this.

Unfortunately, I was a bit over-eager in my adventure: the presence of exams and academic responsibility has proven to take preference in my head. I have been focusing on studying (the shock!) and less on visiting galleries (the horror!).

That said, post 8 June 2011, I am going to riddle my blog with my visits. Watch this space.


#arttourofcapetown – begins today!

After days of planning and thinking (alright, not that many) – I am visiting my first gallery today.

I’ve received a positive response from the other galleries of Cape Town who are keen to have me over! Pretty stoked about that.  It will be a bit tough managing this expedition and my exams, but you only live once 😉

Any thoughts of where you’d suggest I visit? Send me an email on sayscarla@gmail.com

Boom! Excited.