Less yada yada, more learning-learning

I am never a fan of planning too many things. In fact, I prefer seeing where Life takes you and moving with it. At the same time I think there is some freedom in structure. If you’re not a silver-spooned child and you want to go travelling India, you need to work to save the money. 

So at the end of 2012 I set myself a five year plan. I made the table on Excel and plotted what I’d like to do for each of the coming five years. This was easier because I’m contractually bound to work for the next few years anyway. For 2013 I was not supposed to study; I was to do investments and fill up my time with other aspects of my life.

Having said that, in fifty minutes I am to write the first two of seven e-Learner exams. Sometimes plans give you the freedom to make changes which suit your life. Oh, and next Thursday I begin my (long-awaited) German course in Cape Town at the German International School in Cape Town. Oh and in a few weeks I begin a course in Ruby on Rails, a software coding program in Ruby the programming language

I have a feeling studying is ingrained in my bones and blood.

Is this such a bad way to divert from plans? Who knows where life will take me: go prove you’re computer literate and you can write software programs in Berlin, Carla. Okay – here are the docs to prove it.

I know that I’m rather excited to make myself marketable while picking up different skills along the way. 


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