Just keep blowing Bubbles

I have had a list for as long as I can remember. And as soon as I tick something off it, a new thing returns. It’s lovely. Nonetheless, on this amazing list was to see the live performance at Bubbles in Greenpoint. In true Cape Town time, it took me ages to eventually find myself there.

Last Thursday Lovely Linda invited me – (how could I say no) – to a girl’s evening (still not saying no) – with her and Christelle (totally saying yes!). So after much scheming to make myself free for that evening, I flew to Greenpoint. And am I glad I went.

Odidiva and Lola

Set in the heart of Greenpoint (opposite Cafe Manhattans), my entire experience was positive. From the really reasonable drinks specials (R8 a tequila!), to the welcoming vibe and the friendly bartenders. Lola, the main performance, is breathtaking: beautiful and an entertainer by heart. Her cabaret performance is comically punctuated keeping her audience completely entertained.

I got to legally dance on the tables with mates, enjoy my beer and be surrounded by beautiful people. Bubbles is a welcomed great addition to the Greenpoint nightlife: 5pm through to 2am.

Here is their line-up: Tuesday: Tarty tuesday with Anna Tourne Hyghmen / Wed: The Bubblettes: Roxy Le Roux and Riri Rosenberg / Thur: Lola Lou / Fri: Open stage with Samantha Knight / Sat: Lola Lou and Friends / Sun: Odidiva

Check them out on Facebook. Oh, and I have decided not to cross them off my list. Bubbles is not somewhere I want to visit just once. 🙂


One thought on “Just keep blowing Bubbles

  1. THank you Carla for your lovely review ! really Glad you enjoyed your Bubbles Experience, but get ready for MORE ! we are now closed for a couple of days and are REOPENING on THURSDAY evening, one floor down from where we are now!!
    Hope you come and visit us again 🙂 xxx
    Lola Lou, Trevor and Bash

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