I phoned. I booked. I surfed.

For the longest time I was afraid of the ocean. For the longest time I was more than happy to be mesmerised by the waves from the safety of my parked car in the parking lot in Mouille Point.

I used to try – really try to enjoy getting into the water. Thirteen years ago I was jumping off some big rock, off some big beach in Cape Town and I jumped a little too far out. I got caught by the current and had to hold on to the seaweed to pull myself back to safety. Looking back it doesn’t seem too bad. But for an eleven year old, it was pretty daunting. So much, that it kept me out of the sea, preferring to just watch.

Strangely I have always had a relationship with the ocean. Having a bad day? Go visit the sea. Having a great day? Go visit the sea. I found myself constantly drawn to this body of water; feeling myself relax and centre.

One day I’d had enough. I was tired of sitting on the beach looking out to the ocean. So I decided to try surfing. I’m certain of death so if it must happen, why not by the hands of what relaxes me.

I phoned Gary’s Surf School in Muizenberg. I booked a 2-hour session. And I surfed. I didn’t die, surprisingly. I had a tutor for the lesson. Anything I did on the board was amazing – she built up my confidence with patience and encouragement. I knew the tricks she was using but I welcomed the confidence. You need it. If you’re keen to surf, go to this school.

This was huge for me. Like for real-real, not for play-play.

Surfing, on its own, is refreshing and exhilarating. For me, every time I walk TOWARDS the ocean, I feel awakened and alive.

“Danger is real. Being afraid is a decision.”

Day 2

Day 2 : 06.08.13

 Today is much better. I have had much fewer cravings; my mind isn’t as scattered. What’s great is that I am beginning to enjoy the juices (although the Green Lunch still takes some getting used to)

I have managed to work today! This is an achievement. I could concentrate. I have been hydrating quite a bit; coconut water and normal water.

The sleep last night was so deep and peaceful – do we really put so many artificial things into our bodies that it affects our sleep? I haven’t had caffeine, alcohol or processed sugar. Bizarre – and I thought I generally ate quite healthily.


Now that I can think again – here are the details about this reboot: http://www.rebootwithjoe.com is where I found the juicing plan for five days. After five days we will start a raw-diet for thirty days. This cuts out processed foods, sugars, caffeine and alcohol – just about everything that’s nice. Instead we’ll eat lots of fresh veg, meat and roasted foods. Now, that’s exciting! 

CTRL ALT DEL – reboot and reboot with Joe

Day 1



I don’t want coffee, cigarettes or wine.  I want to sink my teeth into something whole and digest. I want to feel the food moving down my oesophagus. I want that. And I want it now.

It’s only been a few hours, but I know what I want and crave. This takes some serious dedication.

For lunch I have a green lemonade juice. Right now that sounds amazing to me. Masticate!

I await to masticate!

When I got home, I felt so weak and uninterested in life itself! I just crawled into bed and slept for two hours. I’m tired – going to rest now.